Have you ever considered an au pair for your childcare needs?

So what are the advantages of hosting an au pair?

  • Childcare coverage for 45 hours a week up to 10 hours a day
  • Au pairs handle kid’s meals, laundry and clean up
  • Program overseen by US State Department
  • Extensive screening and great training
  • Your kids will be exposed to a new language and culture
  • Many of them drive – so lessons, play dates and games are no problem!
  • We have both female and male Au Pairs and you can choose the right fit for you
  • You create a schedule that works for you. Early am, evenings, weekends
  • If you child is sick day, a snow day, no problem! They live-in!
  • We handle au pairs health insurance, visas, flights and support year round
  • They arrive with Aetna healthcare ins. and an international Driver’s license for the first year
  • Visa rule allows au pairs to extend up to 2 years!
  • The fabulous bonus is an enriching cultural experience for you and your whole family

Below is an article I wrote to explain a bit more about how the au pair program Debbie Steiner Hayes, Cultural Care Au Pair Local Child Care Consultant (LCC)

We all know that being a parent can make life complicated. How to you keep your child(ren) safe and happy while meeting everyone’s needs? Finding quality child care is crucial to maintaining sanity in our busy lives, whether you work full-time, part-time, or are a stay-at-home parent. An au pair may be the right solution for your family’s childcare needs.

An au pair is a live-in childcare provider. She (or he!) is 18-26 years old and can come from all around the world. They enter the US on Student Visas and are eligible to stay for up to 2 years. They come here for the cultural experience, to learn English, to travel and to share their language and background with your family. Au pairs have extensive childcare experience and receive an additional 4 days of training in NY, this includes a CPR and first aid course. If you have a child under 2, you will be required to have an au pair who is Infant Certified (an extra 200 hours with children ages 0-2).

An au pair is a flexible, affordable alternative. Au pairs provide up to 45 hours of childcare per week at about $400 per week, no matter how many children you have. Total cost for a year is about $20,000 this includes fees, stipends and schooling. Families are eligible for a tax credit for the full cost of the program. including your au pairs stipend. We give you a flexible spending letter that states this each year. You don’t pay taxes for your au pair because they are considered students on a J-1 Visa and required to take 6 credits in an accredited school yearly. All au pairs (and families) are extensively screened, the program is overseen by the US State Department. You do need to provide their own bedroom. Many families are able to also offer a Smartphone, separate bathroom or a car, but that is optional. What is expected is that you treat your au pair with kindness and make her or him part of your family for the next year or more. In return, your au pair is expected to care for your children and keep them safe.

All au pairs are able and expected to handle kids’ meals, clean up, laundry and homework. They are covered by their own health insurance and have an international driver’s license. Your au pair will be there for getting children out the door in the morning, snow days, sick days and yes – date nights. They can go with you when you travel to help in the airport or long car rides. You decide what you are looking for: male or female, a strong driver, an animal lover, someone independent to schedule play dates and figure out changing logistics, or someone who likes cooking, who speaks another language or can help with Calculus. Do your children love being outdoors, sports, cooking, art and crafts or playing with legos all afternoon? We can find you au pair who enjoys that as well!

Au pairs develop a support system from other au pairs they have meet in training school and the hundreds of au pairs in the area. They are also required to attend monthly group meetings. The process can take as little as two weeks, though we recommend 2-3 months. Even more, if you are looking for a June-September arrival as that is our busiest time. You screen, conduct phone, and Skype interviews to get to know your candidate. You make the final decision with your matching person as well as support from your Local Childcare Consultant. We can help families wherever they live in the US, find quality childcare they can trust!

There are only 2 requirements parents must be green card holders or US citizens and a separate bedroom. We offer new families the opportunity to register for free by simply telling us a bit about yourself on my website Completing the brief online registration also allows you to start matching with the largest selection of au pair candidates in the industry today. There is no obligation or cost to you until you pick the exact au pair and a date that works for you to arrive to your family.